Friday, April 12, 2013

Index:Phonegap+JQM one by one series

Does phonegap suit your mobile application

Are you confused with the solution of your mobile application?
Are you still not very sure whether phonegap suits your project?

Please answer my following questions. Then you will get your choice by yourself.

Does your mobile application need to be cross-platform?
Phonegap provide a solution for cross-platform apps. It declares that "write once, run everywhere". Because what the phonegap app really be is a website with wrapper, the app can be easily moved to a different mobile platform from a specific one.

Do you have insufficient budget and insufficient time to develop?
You want your application to run on different popular mobile systems. i.e. iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm WebOS, Bada and Symbian
1 PhoneGap developer = 7 mobile developers
It's reported that PhoneGap projects cost 1/5 of what are developed in different.

You already have a working website, and you want to let it work on mobile devices?
There will be very few code changes to port a website to mobile, as PhoneGap uses the same technologies as websites: CSS, HTML, JavaScript.

Does you mobile application prefer performance to content.
Phonegap app does not provide strong hardware operation. When it comes to the high-performance apps such as game, phonegap can not be a good choice. However, if what you want is for normal operation such as exhibition for news, getting information, operation of data and so on, phonegap is good enough for you.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why I prefer jquerymobile in phonegap

When you start a phonegap project, a mobile framework is usually needed.
Your choice may be: jquerymobile, sencha touch, jquerytouch and so on.

In this article, I will compare jquerymobile with other frameworks and give you my choice.

1. Stable
Jquerymobile depends on jquery framework which is proved to be the greatest library for javascript. With the strong support of jquery team, jquerymobile is becoming better and better with javascript coding. If some bugs are found in your project, using jquerymobile means you will get more helps from huge quantities of jquery developer.

2. Easy to extend
Different to sencha touch, jquery mobile divides your project into static html and javascript. It's a common website style which is easy to be extended and improved.

3. Lots of plugins
Because of the 2nd reason, lots of developers have a chance to produce jquerymobile plugins. It will greatly power your mobile development.

4. Easy to learn
On the official website, you can get a large number of resources
Click here to find jquery mobile resource
The whole api document, demos, tutorials and tools can reduce the difficulty of learning.

5. Leading support for different platforms
As known to my phonegap projects, jquery mobile shows great support for android, ios, windows phone, windows8. However, sencha touch has officially declared that it is not a good choice for windows platform yet.

Btw,I have integrated jquery mobile to my several phonegap projects. So far, they have worked very well.